Disney's Perfectly Princess Tea

A Mothers Review of Disney's Perfectly Princess Tea Party

I debated whether to take my five year old to the Perfectly Princess Tea Party (PPTP) due to the expense but within the first 10 minutes, I sent a text to my husband saying "worth every penny".  Every part of the experience was executed with perfection.  From the beginning to the end, everything was personalized.  We had our own table so conversation and the presentation of a rose by Princess Aurura was between just my daughter and the princess, no one else to compete with.

From the moment we arrived my daughter was treated like royalty.  She was showered in rose petals and received a crown and wand with a warm welcome from Rose Petal.  An Aurora doll was sitting at our table when we walked in.  As the little princesses prepared to learn how to drink tea properly, out falls a charm bracelet from their napkin from Princess Aurora.   A member of the royal court visited each table asking your favorite Disney song, which he then played while we drank tea and ate finger foods.

The princesses sang, danced, learned sign language to the Sleeping Beauty theme song, and how to do a proper princess wave.    Rose Petal presented a beautiful "gem" necklace.  After cake, the girls lined up to walk through the Grand Floridian doing their princess wave as all the staff and even some guests waved back, and referred to them as princess.  At the end, each girl posed with their doll and received stickers.

At the end of the Tea Party, my daughter had: 18inch Princess Aurora doll, charm bracelet, gem necklace, crown, magic wand, stickers, a rose and a pink bag to tote all of it home. But what we really left with was the memory that for one afternoon my daughter was a princess from head to toe, inside and out! 

Would I do it over again?  Absolutely!  Kids are little once - why not share with them the memories of a lifetime!

~Nikki Gebke, February 2017