Aloha Maui

Our family just came home from a wonderful 10 days in Maui! My husband and daughters had never been, and it had been over 20 years since I had last visited.

AMAZING isn't enough to describe our time. We started our trip out at a beautiful condo on the Wailea side of the island. We were so happy with the beautiful beaches and our condo that we NEVER left but for a few short hours to head for lunch over in Lahina! We lunched at Kimo's. It was excellent! That was our one and only outing except when we left the condo after 7 days and headed over to The Grand Wailea.

Nikki was AMAZING to help us plan 4 wonderful and relaxing days at this resort to end our trip with a BANG! The resort was so family friendly. We never left the pool! HA!!! We experienced the Wailea luau the second night of our stay and it was such a great experience. 

I would highly recommend Maui when traveling with your family. After meeting so many families on the beaches, we definitely heard that was the BEST island to travel to with the family in tow. Aloha! 

~Chesney S.

Schmidt Grand Wailea.jpg