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Vacation doesn't mean leaving your home and pets un-loved.

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Winter weather season, is the perfect time to plan a warm weather getaway. Travel with Nikki puts so much time and attention into your important vacation plans and details making sure you are all set to have a fantastic time away.

What is often overlooked during the vacation planning process is who will take care of your home and furry family members while you are away. We wanted to share with you a fantastic resource with Southwest Michigan- A Single Ray of Hope’s Personal Assistance & Concierge Service. Mary Beth Lyons provides a trusted and insured business with her While you are Away & Pet Sitting Service.  

We all know that pets are more comfortable staying in their own home environment and Mary Beth can help them stay cozy and comfy with home visits. Having a reputable business checking on your home while you are away is crucial.  Winter weather, rain storms and other unexpected weather can cause havoc and destruction while you are away, so you want a trusted person checking on your home for you.  Mary Beth has caught serious water damage, power outages, inoperative refrigerators; teen friends making themselves at home in the outdoor hot tub, and more.  Hiring a trusted business provides that peace of mind knowing that you’ll be kept informed if problems surface. A Single Ray of Hope makes it look as if you are home; they can even do the grocery shopping prior to your return so you don’t have to run out just as soon as you’ve returned from your journey. And best of all, They will even leave the lights on for you!  

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Make sure to reach out to Mary Beth and A Single Ray of Hope NOW to secure your services during the upcoming busy travel season.

Mary Beth Lyons