Enchanting Ireland

I just wanted to send Travel With Nikki a thousand thank yous for helping us with our trip to Ireland. We had gone to Ireland before and booked the entire trip ourselves online.  What a difference when you use the expertise of a travel agent!  Nikki, you made our entire trip stress free! I never double checked our tickets or confirmed our lodging reservations because I knew that you had it taken care of. One of the big mistakes that we had made on our first trip to Ireland is that we did not purchase travel insurance. We had no idea that we needed it and we never thought that our health insurance in the States would not cover us abroad. You don’t really think of those things when you travel.  You educated us on the importance of having specific coverage for your trip.

Another difference with traveling with you is the fabulous upgrades that we received! Our rooms in the castles were so much nicer than before. We were upgraded to a Jr Suite and it was such a fun surprise to see the chocolate covered strawberrys and bottle of sherry waiting for us when we arrived!